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Romantic Venice

Романтическая Венеция

Instead of streets and avenues - channels, and instead of conventional public transport - boats and gondolas, unique old buildings, reinforced with special multilayer foundations - all this description of a unique city on the water - Venice.
Unique city, annually attracts thousands of tourists for its unusual, located on 118 islands of the Adriatic Sea. One hundred and fifty channels and channels shared by the islands from each other, and connect them across a huge number of bridges. Their entire Venice 400. A road bridge connects chetyrehkilometrovoy Venice to the mainland.

Historically, Venice is divided into six districts.
San Marco is named in honor of St. Markarovich patron of Venice. He is the central region and concentrated a large part of Venice attractions: churches, palaces, landmark complex of San Marco. This area is a central area of ​​Venice.
Cannaregio - the most densely-populated area, which has attractions of the Ghetto and the Temple of Gothic art Madonna della Ortho.
The biggest area is considered Castello, whose name derives from the Roman castle. The area is divided into two parts. In one of them - an abundance of parks and gardens, and the other rich in historical architectural monuments.
The southernmost historic district - Dorsoduro. And with the Accademia Bridge over the Grand Canal from the area you can get to the center - San Marco. Interest for tourists in the area is its western part for its art galleries, including the Academy.

Another central historic district is San Polo, got its name from the church of St. Paul. San Polo is also a shopping center.

Another central area of ​​Venice area is considered the "Holy Cross" - Santa Croce. Visit in this region can, for example, the Museum of Oriental Art, Gallery of Modern Art or the Museum of Natural History.

St. Mark's Square - the soul of Venice. This is an ideal viewing platform, representing a Review Belfry (Kampanilla) with the top, topped with a winged statue of the Archangel Gabriel, the Doge's Palace, featuring several architectural styles (and Gothic, and Renaissance and Moorish style) and St. Mark.

Well, how do you ignore the Venetian bridges? The most famous and the oldest and bridges - Rialto Bridge, spanning the Grand Canal.

This is far from all the attractions of the city. After all, that's why Venice is a city-monument.