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How to relax in Paraguay

Many of the tourists, sated holiday in Europe or Asia, and looking to explore the rest of the world, located on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It is very popular with many tourists enjoy Latin America, each country is distinguished by its originality and the richness of tradition.

Those wishing to relax in the Latin American country of Paraguay can be recommended, which is located far from the sea, directly in the depths of South America.

In Paraguay, to visit its capital - Asuncion, which is difficult to attribute to the metropolis, even as there are no hotels 5-star standard. But, nevertheless, the capital of this state can find a suitable hotel, which will be provided with all necessary amenities while relaxing in Paraguay. The level of service in hotels is quite high.

After seeing the sights of the capital of Paraguay can go to the national park (do not worry, there is growing cow parsnip), which is located south of Asuncion. In addition, there is the possibility of excursions to one of the most powerful power in the world, which is located on the border with the neighboring country - Brazil.

Also curious tourists can explore a number of rather spectacular caves, which are located near Asuncion. In the east of the capital of Paraguay, those tourists who like military history, have a great opportunity to visit various museums dedicated to combating the Paraguayan people for their freedom and independence, as well as go to the field of past battles, places where you can stumble upon human bones, reminiscent of victims of this struggle.

The hardiest of tourists can travel to the settlement of the Chaco. In this area the Indians are familiar way of life, without showing off, which often occurs at sites of different kinds of excursions. Coming back, the tourists will be a great opportunity to get some rest and relax in the woods nearby. However, you must be extremely careful not to fall prey to any animal, like a puma or a jaguar.

At the end of travel to Paraguay tourists can visit the ruins of New Australia - settlements, which in the 19th century it became the place where the experiment was conducted fairly unusual social problems.