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праздники Южной АмерикиMashramani - Republic Day.
The main holiday of the country is Mashramani, or Republic Day (February 23, the word "mashramani" is translated from Native American dialects as a "celebration after the joint work"). On this day, held a colorful parade, a carnival, "Mashramani", the parties heatedly compete in the art of dancing, playing musical instruments and steel drums.,праздники Южной Америки
           go through various ceremonies, sporting events, music, dance and theatrical performances.


 The very idea is very similar to our May Day demonstrations, in which each region or a large company lined up in convoy passed a festive march through the city center.
Mashramani I remember how happy we were preparing for these demonstrations. Themselves to make flowers from tissue paper, ribbons, pins. Inflated balloons and all proudly bear no demonstration.


 Here, too, all the decorations are made from the material at hand, it is rather poor, but happy.
It should be noted that Guyanese generally love and know how to have fun, even if this is no special reason. Dances and songs just at work or on the way to the store absolutely commonplace. Just hearing the music from a passing car, people they go to dance. And I must say that the music from passing cars is heard loud enough. Simply amazing how the driver, pointing at the rear window a huge number of columns, not oglohnet himself.

Праздники Южной Америки . Гайана. Машрамани. в  Гайане

 Well, back to Mashramani.


Each region of Guyana, organizes his column. Every large enterprise, including religious rganizatsii trying to tell us about yourself in a beautiful presentation.
All of these columns are on the streets, rushing to the National Park, where the stadium sits jury, which assesses performance.
Праздники Южной Америки . Гайана. Машрамани. в  Гайане Of course, all this is done in a very different ethic. It is hard to imagine, for example, that on this May Day demonstration could go girls in thong, dancing with a reggae. But the essence remains the same. People demonstrate their achievements.


Праздники Южной Америки . Гайана. Машрамани. в  Гайане This year, for example, the first column was the Church of Corpus Christi, singing Hallelujah. Behind them one of the regions of Guyana. For them, the National Library.
Праздники Южной Америки . Гайана. Машрамани. в  Гайане  I must say that the nature of Guyanese are very plastic, and all


this backing dancers move rhythmically in a column and beautiful.