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Unknown Italy - the Cinque Terre

Unknown Italy - the Cinque Terre

Vernazza is one of five picturesque villages in the Cinque Terre, right on the coast of the Italian Riviera between Pisa and Genoa. Each of them is a bit like a Museum under the open sky (Cinque Terre are not just included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites), but only in Vernazza you can feel the unforgettable atmosphere of an old Italian town. Above the harbour stands the castle, near which is situated the small Church. Every Tuesday, early morning traders going to the market. Many old people have their boats, the elderly, women and children often spend time in the square before the Church. Locals popular evening walks along the main street of the city. Here travelers can enjoy a dessert wine Sciacchetra, which became a symbol of the Cinque Terre.
Riomaggiore, less reminiscent of a resort after going through the maze of narrow streets past the rickety houses, and then turn on the trail, winding along the cliffs, you can reach the Botanical garden and the old bunkers from the Second World. Tourists come here to pass by a century of the Road of love – the first part of the famous Blue route, which takes five hours to walk to Manarola. The eyes of the travelers open so romantic types that this road is recommended to go with your partner.
In Manarola, you can admire the Bay from the terrace Punto Bonfiglio log in picturesque pub where you can taste local dishes. If not for the lights on fishing boats, at night the sea off the coast seemingly darker sky.
Corniglia is the only one of the five towns of the Cinque Terre, which is not located near the sea. It can be reached by train. Leaving the station, travelers have to overcome the 400 steps to climb to the city on top of a hill. According to the legend, it was founded by the Roman farmer, who named the town in honor of his mother Cornelia. Locals say that it was so tasty wine that even on the amphorae, found in Pompeii, were written laudatory lines in his honor.
In Cinque Terre is only one city can rightly be considered a resort – and it Montessoro. Its streets are always full of joyful animation, and a variety of night clubs, beaches, hotels and rental car raise hopes that the experience will be not only memorable but also comfortable.