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ЕвропаScenic landscapes, beautiful sea, smiling warm sun ... All this awaits you on a trip to the best beaches in five European countries.

There are combined tours to countries and cities in France, Monaco and Italy, which can be seen for a week and have time to enjoy yourself on the beautiful beaches in the spring and summer seasons, and velvet.

On the first day bus tour, once in France, guests enjoy the sights and stories of castles and towns of this enchanting country, on his way to Lyon.

Handsome Lyon welcomes home the Roman emperors Claudius and Karakaly and talk about the times of Louis XIV and the French Reformation.

In the second half of the day you can drive along the main thoroughfares of Marseille, La Kanber Boulevard and go down to the sea ... And there, and within easy reach of Nice!

Waking up at Nice, definitely need to go for a walk under the palm trees, visit museums and soak in one of the most beautiful beaches. Those who are fascinated by this city, can remain there for the entire holiday. But the interesting thing is still to come, because of Nice close to the Italian resort of San Remo.

San Remo maintains an atmosphere of love and celebration throughout the year where you can make a wonderful shopping, go on tour and also lie on the beach! The program for every taste!

Further, on the fourth day excursion provided to move to the town of Saint-Paul de Vence and the resort of Antibes, which will be presented with breathtaking scenery provided inspiration for artists Matisse and Chagall.

On the way to Cannes every tourist expects the nature of the Mediterranean, green hills and blue sea! Arriving in Cannes, be sure to take a picture of the memory at the Palace of festivals and enjoy the views of the Croisette, luxurious hotels and luxury villas. After that, it's time to go on a golden beach, or to expensive yachts. Along the way, remember the Pension Eden in Sochi, and it is that he is no worse.

If you are a lover of arts and leisure in the sun bored, you need to visit the Museum of Marc Chagall. But connoisseurs of perfume direct route to the perfume factory.

Impress with their beauty and chic principality of Monaco millionaires, which can be measured by tape measure, or steps, this is what it is not enough! Directions to the track in Formula 1 on the tour bus, open the secrets of the Grimaldi family and the beauty of the Museum of Oceanography, where you can find chocolate moray.

The grand finale of this little trip to Monaco will be a visit to Monte Carlo with a guided tour and a visit to the famous casino gambling for the most!

At the end of the tour take a course in Genoa, which preserved the memory of Napoleon and Columbus, and then moving to the side of the Alps to the Tyrol to the Austrian city of Innsbruck to admire its city park and an exclusive gold-plated roof of City Hall, as well as taste the local dishes of national cuisine in an atmosphere of a fresh Alpine mountain air. If you have time, you can get to the Austrian capital, Vienna, to plunge into the music of Strauss and visit the famous opera. At this usually ends up traveling to and from Austria to be flight home.

How wonderful to explore for a few days, half of Europe!