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Трагедия ДжонстаунаThat happened in Guyana tragedy has shaken the whole world - Johnstown. And have not been clarified until the end of the circumstances of simultaneous death of 909 people. Was it really suicide, or religious fanatics, this is clearly a planned murder is still unclear.
Testimonies of survivors of witnesses so far lead us to completely opposite conclusions. Guyanese from the authorities and ending with ordinary townsfolk, stubbornly refuse to discuss it. Any conversation is cut off severely and immediately, though in all other matters Guyanese only polite, sensitive and very talkative people. But this is understandable. Nobody needs a bloody glory.
Трагедия ДжонстаунаEven after most of the tragedy at a U.S. request for the burial of corpses in the Territory of Guyana, followed by a sharp and categorical refusal. By the way, just because of this, the world learned about the true scale of the tragedy. Indeed, at first, U.S. officials declared on 100 deaths, then about 300. And just because of all the victims had to export to the territory of their nationality, that is, in the U.S., everyone knew that the death toll was approaching 1,000.
Johnstown was founded by the leader of a religious organization "Church of Nations" by Jim Jones.
He was later declared insane drug addict, who pre-planned massacre of his followers. In general, the community consisted of representatives of the color of the American population, oppressed and oppressed in the U.S.. The colony itself was very well organized and very well provided for. There were quite a large field for the cultivation of the necessary provisions.
Stocks colonists were pretty solid to live in off-line for quite some time. On the territory of the colony was a kindergarten, a school, something like the school, where people were taught their children the beginning of various professions. Was a hospital, which were even operations, sometimes under the guidance of American doctors, who advised on the radio. The fact that the colony was richly provided with said at least the fact that all machinery and equipment purchased for the community in a respectable amount. In Georgetown and is now remembered as the colonists to sell a large lot of household appliances shop owner had to call his family and the entire staff - money counting.
It is known that in the United States against the organization "Church of Nations" was organized by a movement, which included relatives of many followers of Jones and even politicians. It is well known, too, that Jim Jones had discussed with the Embassy of the USSR in Guyana, the issue of resettlement of the community in the USSR. For the resettlement of Soviet government was promised a large sum of money, and money was even handed, but their fate is unknown. According to rumors, after the death of the community money has been transferred to the Government of Guyana, but no exact information. Since the Soviet system has always been slow, until all the gears zavraschalis until the decision was made, all colonists have died.
Трагедия Джонстауна It is known that on the eve of the death of the colony in Guyana, came to a large number of young military bearing men in civilian clothes, whose traces are lost in the future.
It is absolutely unclear what kind of people shot by airplane senator, and for what purpose. According to some accounts they were representatives of the security of the Jim Jones, on the other - quite strangers. Anyway - the senator was killed, and with it killed 5 others - American TV reporter, cameraman and three other colonists, among those who decided to leave the colony together with the senator. Secretary of the senator received several bullet wounds but survived. The rest fled, including several children, who wandered in the Guyanese jungle, afraid to reach out to people.
In the Georgetown lived representatives of Jonestown (it was Sharon Amos - a woman with three children) who were engaged in the purchase of necessary goods, dispatch of the settlers. This woman with her children was murdered in Georgetown on the same day that killed the entire colony. Before the murder she called the Embassy of the USSR with a plea for help. His wife immediately called the police consul at the address, but it was too late. In the murder defendant was found, which is well recognized mad and then it traces were lost.
At a time when the whole colony dying from lethal injection or bullet (Jim Jones himself was shot shot in the head), three colonists carried the suitcase with the money in Georgetown. These people at Jonestown were children, families that have died before their eyes.
One of them, immediately after the interview was shot. And it is unclear to this day, than was caused by this tragedy. For the U.S. colony of great danger is not imagined. At that time (the heyday of the hippies) with criticism of U.S. policy not only acted lazy, and "The Temple of nations" does not stand out to the crowd of critics. Neither the U.S. nor the USSR all the more the community was not necessary, but not especially hampered, so that the apparent reason for such a brutal massacre there.
Трагедия ДжонстаунаJim Jones himself in his last speech with calls to the suicide said that the death of Senator community will not forgive that, after all of the colonists declare crazy fanatics, and be tortured in the dungeons of torture, and suicide - the only way and the path to freedom.
On the audio from that meeting heard the question: "In Russia, run late?".
So, the questions and still more questions than answers. Who were these people. Some survivors indicate that Jones was a mad tyrant who had gathered around himself destitute people in a desperate situation, but there are those who now say "It was an attempt to show the world a happy life, happy society.
A failed attempt, but at least we tried .... "
The figure above shows the plan of Jonestown. Space around the assembly hall, school and medical center, painted black, were completely filled with the corpses of the settlers.