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Wedding rituals

South America is very different from their North concepts, mentality and, in fact, culture itself, which causes the entire Latin American way of life in the country. Each state has its own interesting and unique customs that adhere during wedding ceremonies. Interestingly, the Russian people but believes many of the customs truly "us" from ancient times. Contrary to these sources, the Slavs rely on the fact that they commanded the older generation - they are assigned and traditions.

When comparing the customs of different peoples can see the tendency to borrow this or that rite, which was subsequently transformed under the influence of the new culture. Their rules and regulations dictated by each country individually, and in some cases even become common to several nations. A wonderful tradition in South America, as well as many others - it is shedding the newlyweds with rose petals, rice and coin groats.

Almost everyone knows that so guests and family members visualize prosperity and happiness in the future family. Many practices can not be explained, because no one remembers how they occurred. Nevertheless, many rituals are performed implicitly by the traditions. We Argentines, for example, there is no such thing as a "witness the bride and groom," because they lead to the altar of parents and young rings do not share - is the action takes place only during the engagement. The path to the altar are young in order to declare a party for all of the serious intentions.

Usually at a wedding the newlyweds celebrated, if enough revenue is raised, since virtually all efforts fall on their shoulders. A traditional dish on the table Hispanics are empanady - pies of flaky pastry with a variety of savory or sweet fillings. Of course, no event is complete without meat which is roasted on coals. The next day, preparing for the guests present, syurprizzaklyuchaetsya in the conduct of breakfast, which is usually no alcohol. Despite the lavish social events, conducted in honor of the union of bride and groom, the most important and touching moment is just an engagement to which they are so exciting.