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South America: Chronology of Discovery

South America - a continent which was first mentioned in 1498. It was then that Christopher Columbus made historically proven sailing along its coast and discovered the island of Trinidad. Later, in 1499-1500's expedition Spaniard A. Ojeda, which was attended and celebrated Americo Vespucci, reached the coast of Guiana, and even went along the coast of the continent, skirting the peninsula Paraguana, reached the Gulf of Venezuela. And in 1501 a study of the northern part of South America was completed by the Spaniard R. Bastidas, who reached the Gulf of Uraba.

Brazilian coast of South America was discovered in 1500 by the Spaniard B. Pinson. In 1507, already knowing that opened a new continent, a geographer of Holland M. Valdzemyuller suggested naming it in honor of Americo Vespucci America. However, research and discoveries of lands of South America lasted more than a year. For example, the coast of South America, going to the Pacific Ocean was discovered as long ago as 1522-58 years various expeditions fitted out to Spain.

After the bank a new continent had been explored, began to study the most new-found land. It was here looking for a mythical "golden land" - El Dorado, and exploring the South American spaces already in 1528, Spanish explorers and agents of the German bankers crossed in different directions north-western Andes. In addition, investigated the flow of large tributaries of the rivers Orinoco and Magdalena.

Thus, the study of South America, in the first place, was associated with the search for filthy lucre. Since then, our life has changed little. After all, even for ICQ status can sometimes depend on the mood of their owner. This mood, in turn, depends on the number of equivalent filthy lucre in his pockets, that is, money.