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Thailand for fans of extreme sports

Thailand called the country of thousands of entertainment. Here tourists can find a very different holiday, but very exciting. Fans walk to the sights worth visiting the many Buddhist temples and monasteries, magnificent palaces and pagodas in Bangkok. For those who prefer a quiet retreat - Thailand offers plenty of opportunities to get what you want. Stunning in its beauty and cleanliness of beaches, calm sea, the exotic nature of some of the best SPA-salons in the world and, of course, the legendary Thai massage. However, in recent years, the Kingdom of Thailand draws fans of extreme relaxation.

The most peaceful of all the extreme, but no less memorable - a visit to kennels, where elephants are bred, or alligators. During the tour, visitors walk around the enclosures, where the arm's length, it is amazing live exotic creatures. At the end of stories about how and why they are bred can see representations of animals. The spectacle, I must say, exciting.

Entertainment, which requires from the tourist activity and a greater readiness of a diving and snorkeling. The territory of the kingdom in the south bordering the Gulf of Siamese South China Sea in the west Adamansky Sea (Indian Ocean). The underwater world is shaken by its beauty and diversity. No wonder the island of Phi Phi has a leading position in the list of the most picturesque corners of the world. Most of the diving center is located in Pattaya (Gulf of Siam), and on the island of Phuket (Adamansky Sea). Experienced instructors are not only willing to patiently teach divers, but also happy to tell the local features of living creatures, and will recommend anyone better not touch it.

But perhaps the most extreme holiday, not only in Thailand, found things to do in the jungle. Legendary equatorial forests here have about 160 million years ago and is considered the oldest on the planet. Over the past 50 years in the territory of the natural attractions of the Kingdom was established many parks and nature reserves, one of which is the purpose of eco-tourism. Exotic Tours to the jungle in Thailand can be anywhere from 2-3 days to 2 weeks. But they all share one thing: a minimum of technical equipment and the maximum respect for nature. As a general rule in such a journey are: hours of trekking through impassable forests, surrounded by numerous inhabitants (monkeys, snakes, insects), spending the night outdoors, rafting on the wild river, swarming with alligators and exciting stories of the conductor.

Another thing is not mere entertainment can wait for fans of extreme rest in this wonderful country - the food. Along with the fact that Thai cuisine is recognized as one of the best in the world, it is also incredibly sharp, that the habit can be difficult.

Thailand is truly amazing country and the numerous tourists from all over the world have proved it, coming back here to rest again and again.