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Independent travel to Guyana.

Recently, the address of the site began to come a lot of emails with one question: how to get to Guyana on their own.

Well, firstly, to gladden all the extremes of travel, from August 1, 2010, Guyana has unilaterally abolished visa regime for Russian citizens. Read about this innovation, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now everyone can just buy a ticket and go to Guyana, which greatly simplifies the lives of our freestyle travelers. Previously, the issue visas caused enormous difficulties created for the tourist. Because of the Embassy of Guyana in Russia is not, it was necessary to apply for a visa at the Embassy of Guyana in the UK, while having some invitation to Guyana. And it is very difficult and long. So, my dear voluntary travelers, now all of the past. Just buy a ticket and come.

Of course, as at the entrance to any other country, you will be asked a return ticket. If there is no return ticket, they can not admit, so keep that in mind. They will ask also the address where, in fact, you are going. For example, some hotel. Sometimes people ask whether there is in you a sufficient sum of money to ensure their own residence in this country. But all this is a trifle compared with the same visa requirements. The main thing to have on hand a return ticket, and in general everything.

Independent travel around the country will not disappoint you. Although, of course, will need to consider the route to stock everything you need, knowing full well that going into the country as you move away from civilization. In order not turned out as one I met in Guyana Russian "extreme", which went into the jungle, having a credit card only. It was funny ...

However, besides kazusnogo case, I have met are normal, interested in ekoputeshestviyah tourists.

In this section, I want to tell you that I recently met a very interesting girl, which, just like me, sick Guyana, and yet, unlike me, went to a single independent travel around the country. Her name is Maya Lobova, and she graciously allowed me to publish it on the website of the note on this journey. So, if you decide to make such a trip, her experience can be extremely useful to you. And if they do not dare, it's just very interesting. Notes cite without cuts and the first person, so you can feel more alive than all Guyanese flavor.

Written a very interesting and lively, in general, do not regret it.