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Various facts about South America

All the nations that inhabit our planet, has its own customs, traditions, kultura.Tak of interesting facts, customs and traditions of South America you'll find in this state.Fakty of South America, Malpelo in Colombia, the Central Reserve in Suriname, Jesuit missions of La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and the National Park in Bolivia, Jesús de Tavarange in Paraguay - these attractions are included in UNESCO World Heritage list.
In the city of Lima (Peru) in the 1982 competition was held for Miss Vselennaya.V 16th century in South America, European missionaries and colonizers met capybaras - a creature that can live on land and water. They asked the Pope to declare rodent fish, so that its meat during fasts could have, and it was agreed to dano.Pautina is very durable natural material.
In South America, between the gorges of the web, some bridges are strong enough that it can move a monkey. In the south of Argentina and Chile, in the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, there is no volcano. His so-called Magellan, the Portuguese traveler, who saw his ship with a lot of lights, as it turned out - they were local fires indeytsev.Molodezh loves to ride on special boards without bindings for the huge waves. Interesting traditions of the peoples of South America
On the grand scale in South America celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the girl child, in this day an adult they dance the first dance with my dad, and then the other. On New Year's together all generations of the family, first greet the most senior members of the family and then the younger ones. And on the first day of this year decided to swim in public pools, lakes, rivers. My favorite tradition of the inhabitants of Brazil - carnivals. They involve practically all the Brazilians, they are dancing bright and complex dance. In the dance shows of sugarcane harvesting, fight black slaves from their pursuers, and usually young t.d.Svadbu arrange at his own expense, parents can help just a little bit. Well the wedding for the newlyweds as important as CDs purchased Scud avtomobilista.Na for the wedding the bride should come after the groom, was late by ten minutes. On the lapel instead of flowers they hang small Brazilian flazhki.U the bride and groom do not have witnesses, they lead to the altar the bride's father and the mother of the groom. Near the altar of the future husband and wife did not exchange rings, they do it at the time of engagement and the wedding party with make promises to each other in their love and loyalty.