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цветы орхидеиBeautiful tropical flower - an orchid. Homeland him are just the tropics of Asia, America and Africa.
Those who once saw an orchid flowers will be permanently conquered their unforgettable beauty.
In our latitudes, orchids are especially strange and select the color and because they remind of warm countries, and because they bloom in win
цветы орхидеиter. And most importantly, because the orchid are kept for 2-3 months. Even the orchid cut flowers can stand in water for about a month.
Froцветы орхидеиm the history of orchids.
Orchid was known in ancient China and ancient Greece. The name they gave the Greek Theophrastus. The word "orhis" in Greek means "testicles" and hints at a pair of thick root tubers of orchids, the orchid family. But later the name was already transferred to the whole family as a whole.
In ancient legends attributed to orchids property increase potency.

The first цветы орхидеиtropical orchid, which was brought from the Bahamas, was grown in Europe only in 1731. But only after many years, began a hunt for these strange plants.
Initially, the flowers orchids were used as packing material for other tropical plants, transported to Europe.
But one day, William Catley, gardener, interested in the amazing pieces of plant and planted in a pot pieces of "packaging".

Grew up firs

домашние орхидеи

t orchid - a plant with an unusually large and lush colors. This variety is known as Cattleya, in honor of the man who discovered it Europe.
With this began a pilgrimage to the orchids, tropical countries for new varieties of orchids. It was discovered many new varieties of flowers orchids. Prices were cosmic. There is evidence that some of the cost was more than ten thousand German marks.

It took a while before growers can learn how to propagate orhidei.I only hunt for thцветы орхидеиem has ceased.
Now known species of wild orchids 30,000 and about 1
50,000 hybrids. But despite this, and today continues to be new types of wild flowers orchids.
Guyana - a country with a surprisingly suitable climate for growing orchids.

Aцветы орхидеи huge number of species of orchid found in the wild jungle.
Most of these so-calle
d epiphytes. That is, they settle on other plants. домашние орхидеиOrchids are not parasites, they feed on plant juices, homes do not take them any nutrients or water. They just settle on the canopy to get more light in the dense tropical forest.
домашние орхидеиThey feed on orchids with special roots of tropical moist air, and a thin layer of soil accumulated on the branches, small houses.
Besides epiphytes, orchids are growing roots in the ground. They are called terrestrial orchids or soil.
Just a smal

l group of orchid flowers vybiraetdlya settlement rocks and stones. They are called lithophytes.
домашние орхидеиTo grow orchids at home, you need to consider lifestyle inherent to the selected species.
Particularly favorable conditions for flower growing orchids is in Guyana. This is their natural humid tropical climate and sun.
Growing Orchids in G
uyana is very popular and does not require such herculean efforts in European countries.