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Dancing in Guyana

Let's face it, that the entertainment in Guyana sparse. And, from all sides is not dense. And lovers of fine art have nothing to look at, and lovers of classical music to listen to nothing. And especially not with dancing overclocking.

Of course, all holidays, at the stadium by local artists, and people sing along and podtantsovyvaet. Especially on Emansipeyshn action, when mostly African-Americans celebrate. At this point behold, everything from small to large uayning like mad. In the performance of the younger generation are, to say the least, frivolous motion somewhat shocking to our Puritan soul.

But just any afrogayanka hearing on the street for suitable music, can perfectly perform this dance in the middle of the road.

Guyanese generally very musical. Of all the cars rumbling just music. Surprisingly, they did not become deaf in the car, even if one can not stand outside next to no burst eardrums. A lot of cars here, despite the fact that the country is not rich. This is surprising, because the country does not produce cars, and all imports subject to a 100% tax. Do you think people buy a car on credit? Since credit is better. And the divine proportion, and for local people greater benefits. Anyway, car sea, and from each rushes into an unreal amount of music decibels.

It seems we have totally different perception of sounds. Even the first settlers, comparing himself with African slaves, noted that those are much better oriented to the area, and hear a greater range of sounds that reach the ear of white people (well, for example, as bats can hear sounds that the human ear is not perceived).

Hearing the upbeat melody begins to stamp one's foot any gayanets, dance and sing along.

However, because here you do not live only afrogayantsy. Hindus, for all its modesty, the streets do not dance, but their dances were performed according to the canons and in the right place.

Most diaspora here Brazilians, who arrange their dances. Amerindeytsy own. In general, the dance - the art of the people and the people with him does not leave.