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Suriname's Nature Reserves

In Suriname, Природные заповедники Суринамаthere are two places in one of which must necessarily go to all lovers of nature. It's beaches, where giant sea turtles come to save their eggs Matapika and Ghalib. Since Matapika located much closer than Ghalib to Paramaribo, there we go. Themselves to get to the beach, of course, is real, but difficult. Need to know the route. But for the first time we bought a travel voucher.

InterПриродные заповедники Суринамаesting points were on the road to Matapika. From Paramaribo to Matapika had to get two boats. First, a large boat on the river to the ranch Suriname Johan and Margaretha, where we were greeted by a fed lunch. Here we were completely subdued hand capybara. Moreover, it is simply impossible to see the tame animal of this species, as yet, and she was so spoiled that pestered all the tourists to scratch behind the ear, suck on your finger (hobby) or simply steal anything from the dinner table. Well, just as spoiled dog.

From the ranch had to go the other boat. Motor, but fortunately a small one. Here, dug canals to the sea. Previously, these channels are separated and connected between a rice plantation. Now the sea water comes closer and closer and all of the former rice plantations filled the salty sea water and abandoned. However, between the two channels, there is something such as a dam, through which our men had to drag myself out of the boat on one channel to another. It was very interesting to watch the men as boatmen. Spectacular show.