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South Korea

Южная Корея

South Korea is trying to be one of the first capitalist countries in Asia. Tourism in this respect, helping the country to climb the stairs up the tourist business.

One of the first tourist programs is to visit the demilitarized zone. This area is the border between North and South America. There is a pavilion Imchzhingak in which tourists can watch the tanks, guns, planes. All this is reminiscent of the Great Korean War. Furthermore, not far from the pavilion, is an underground tunnel that was dug North Koreans to freely attack his opponent suddenly. During a campaign tour tell some interesting stories about the war, and a small film dedicated to this war, too.

Museum of optical illusions - it is a museum, which collected a large number of artifacts in 3D, with which visitors can get to know them, feeling them myself. Here you can touch all the exhibits, study them, as well as take pictures for memory. Children love this place and always go out of the museum in a good mood.

We can say that South Korea is not inferior, and in the architecture of many countries. Skyscraper in 60 floors of pure gold in the center of Seoul is a highlight of this country. This building is still the envy of many neighboring countries. In this building there are restaurants, playgrounds, shops, as well as a cinema. Many tourists like to relax in the restaurant on the 59 floor, and enjoy the beautiful views of the entire city. The food here is excellent, the truth is, too, "Cancel".
Another famous attraction of this country is Gyeongbokgung Palace. This place especially attracts tourists, because here you can see the true culture of South Korea. Especially interesting to look at the guards at the changing of the guard. Their costumes, talking, marching - all this attracts the eye of anyone who sees this show.
Pride of South Korea is Gyeongju National Museum. This little "town" is like a piece of the history of ancient Korea. Here you can truly see how people lived in ancient times, what to eat, in what houses they lived. While there, you begin to understand the thoughts of local people, their culture, sinking more and more into the history of this great country. Looking at the poor, dilapidated, but at the same time beautiful homes, tourist understand how hard people had at the time, and gradually hardened their character.