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ПаттайяOne of the most popular cities - Thailand resorts kingdom . The city is located on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand , about 150 km from Bangkok airport .

Pattaya attracts a couples, both with and without children , and of course the young people. Everyone , young and old will find themselves here for entertainment and interest to taste. Life here is always in full swing . Tourism in Pattaya in Thailand for every taste. In the afternoon, you can bask on the beach enjoying the sun , and at night plunge into the world of night performances, festivals and entertainment.

Basically, all the hospitality line is located close by the sea . Food mainly breakfasts, but it is not a special disadvantage. Near each of the hotel, there are many restaurants, cafes where a small amount of money can be quite satisfying lunch or dinner of Thai dishes.

Most 3 * hotels . But there * 3 has everything you need . From hardware to air-conditioned rooms and a good cleaning several times a day . Better to choose a hotel away from the main streets , especially such as Walking Street. There is almost always noisy . The hotels well-developed infrastructure .

At almost every turn , there are ATMs . In which without any problems , you can withdraw money from the card removed a small fee , but the money in the currency ( Thai Baht ) , obtained favorable than the exchange in the exchange office .
On the territory of Pattaya , in the northern part , there is an amusement park. There exists plenty of entertainment and amusement . And the carousel and slides of varying heights .

Shopper here , too, there what to do . In addition to hypermarkets , where you can buy things known brands , there are different markets . Basically this weekend markets . Usually they can provide a list of any hotel guide . They work mainly from Friday to Sunday . There is also the famous floating market . Where you can buy high-quality fake more famous brands. And fake products made ​​of crocodile and snakeskin . Because the product of this crocodile and snakeskin prohibited. Thailand is also very famous for precious stones and jewelery .

Undoubtedly one of the main attractions is the Walking Street. There are many different bars , performances, shows famous Tiffany and Alcazar , which is certainly worth a look.

Certainly worth a visit at least one of the temples. Such as for example the Temple of Truth , the temple complex of Wat Yan , and of course the famous Buddha Hill . This is the highest point , where the largest Buddha statue .

Pattaya - quite developed resort town , where you can find everything your heart desires !