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Курорты Греции ХалкидикиLocation - Halkidiki is located in the northeast of the warm Aegean Sea. It includes three of the peninsula (three fingers) - Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.

Climate - in Halkidiki Mediterranean climate (mild winters and hot, dry summers).

Infrastructure - Halkidiki - probably one of the largest Greek resorts. The abundance of the various entertainment centers, clubs, taverns, cafes, bars and many small shops. Opportunity to purchase a huge variety of goods and souvenirs.

Basic tours:

The Byzantine Museum - Museum exhibits rich.

Meteor - a set of bizarre rocks. On the tops of the rocks are the monasteries, the most beautiful monuments of Byzantine art. Very beautiful places worth to visit.

Neos Marmaras - a small town. Beside him is a large hotel complex on the area with the name of "Porto Carras", the complex has its bay, its vineyards and wine production plant. Went here on a trip, you will know how is the Greek wine can taste different wines and buy a beautifully decorated gift baskets of wine produced here.

Mount Athos - a place that has great cultural and historical value also. The only monastic state in the world, on the slopes of the mountains were placed 20 monasteries. It contains some magnificent ancient manuscripts, icons and other religious items. The grand monument of Byzantine culture.

City Afitis and Kalithea (VIII century BC) - in this ancient city are the ruins of temples of Dionysus and Zeus Ammon.

Sani - quite a famous Greek resort. Located in the beautiful surroundings of the Kassandra peninsula. Around the city there is a pine forest, while in town you can see the famous Mount Olympus. Here, excellent sandy beaches, very clean and transparent sea, amazingly beautiful nature plus good service staff - all this attracts many tourists.

We list is not all but only the main tour, you can take a rest on the Halkidiki peninsula. It's time to relax in Greece. As you know, Greece is a country in which there are as new Khoroshevo-Mnevniki.

Beaches - Beaches Peninsula, the most well-groomed and clean in Greece, 34 beaches of the peninsula have been awarded the award for clean water, good infrastructure and a high level of security. Great opportunities to engage in a variety of water sports: scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing and other sports.

Our conclusion at this point Halkidiki - a large and well-known tourist destination of Greece. These people come from different countries to relax in the beautiful hotel with clean beautiful beaches and enjoy the magnificent nature of these places. Peninsula, much like fans of a peaceful and comfortable stay. Well suited for families with children.