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Facts about South America

South America - is one of the six continents of the world. It is washed by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. By area, the territory South America ranks fourth among the continents of the Earth, after Eurasia, Africa and North America. Takes place on its territory the largest river in the world - Amazon.

South America - a conglomeration of the most interesting countries that have their own specifics and its own unique character, because learning about it, you can find many interesting facts not less than the pricing information from Kislovodsk resort "horizon." Because, let's talk a bit about the interesting facts about the history and life in South America.

Once upon a time in the world there were such a civilization known as the Chavin. It existed in the period from 900 to 300 century BC. The most visible remains of this civilization have been found in South America, namely in Peru.

In addition, in South America, there was one of the world's oldest civilizations - the Incas. Their capital was located in the Andes and was called Cuzco. Researchers believe the Incas, as well as Atlantis, one of the most unique and highly developed cultures. But unlike the Atlanteans, their existence is undeniable.

South American countries, especially Brazil, have given the world many famous actresses and an equal number of popular in the 90s and the beginning of the XXI century serials.

In 1982, the South American Gabriel Garcia Marquez received the Nobel Prize for literature and still remains one of the most popular authors of our time.

A foundation for a well-known, but, alas, forgotten by most, an English film "Evita", which filmed the Briton Alan Parker, was a biography of the first lady of the South American country, Argentina Maria Eva Duarte de Peron.

And that's not all the interesting and fun facts about the life of South Americans and their ancestors.