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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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National Parks

Probably not many people there are not heard in my life on the Atacama or the Galapagos Islands. And not many are aware of the fact that in South America there are more than 300 parks which are not inferior to the previous exotica and beauty. By area, some of them are small and some are even greater than the territory of individual states. To get one is not difficult, and the other will be very problematic. But all of them attract and fascinate tourists from all corners.

Park Canaima

This park is pretty impressive territory, about 30,000 km2 in south-east. The pearl of the park considered the highest waterfall in the world - Angel. Here you can find more small waterfalls, the world-famous Tepui, jungles, rain forests, peaceful lagoons and rapid rivers. That makes life Rorayra Angel Falls. The waterfall itself was inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous writer, to write his novel "The Lost World." Provided for trips usually include the following: visiting the Indian village, watching wildlife, river rafting, wildlife observation, inspection and waterfall climbing. On a normal transport to get to here is not possible, as a rule, here are swimming, or fly on airplanes.

Park Tayrona

Park is very impressive size and stretches for many miles. According to the park provided here lives about 300 species of birds, 180 species of mammals, and on the coast are hundreds of species of corals, mollusks, and exotic fish. On the tour you will encounter bats, iguanas, monkeys, birds and jaguars. Because here you can find in one place a variety of landscapes and climatic zones, you can go diving, climbing mountains, riding a surfboard and riding.