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Cupping - the surest way to please the gods

The ritual bloodletting was as prevalent among the peoples of pre-Columbian America, as in our time site templates, free download that offers a huge number of web resources. The ancient Maya considered the bleeding something awful. On the contrary, to offer his own blood for the sacrifice was prestigious and honorable. Even the rulers and their wives let themselves blood during festive ceremonies.


Bloodletting accompanied all important for the city-state events: the beginning and end of the war, consecrated the church or home, start seeding and harvest time harvest. No web site templates, free download which can every day, and images with higher resolution will not be able to pass all the grandeur of the ceremony, during which the town square going all the inhabitants of the city, to know the soldiers, as well as musicians and dancers. Maya believed that human blood is used for food of the gods and strengthen their power.


In turn, people will thank the gods of abundant harvests and bestow vitality. However, not all blood is fit for sacrifice. It was believed that the greatest strength has blood taken from the tongue, earlobes and genitals, especially male. Therefore, before you kill the victim, wounding his genitals and precious blood was collected in a vessel. After that, the collected blood was rubbed into the image of God, and then assaulted the victim. At the same man who gave blood, killing is not the usual way, but with the help of arrows. The rite was called - "the ceremony of arrows."