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Cuisine of South America

Signature dishes of South America are tender and juicy beef, baked on lattices, fried in lard cakes and delicious red wine. The basis of most dishes is corn. Seafood and fish are also widely used in South American cuisine.

Here you can enjoy great taste desserts that like adults, and people. In South America, all kinds of sweets were brought by the Spaniards. Depending on the region's dessert recipes are different, they added a large number of fruits that taste, flavor and color, add diversity to every occasion.

In South America, a traditional drink is considered to be (yerba mate) or mate tea, a feature which is unusual method of feeding. Drink it through a tube made of metal with a strainer on the end, and from specially designed for this cup, made of porcelain, wood or gourd.

Due to the Spaniards, who brought the cattle in Argentina, he quickly settled down and got used to the endless plains. After a while the natives have mastered horse hunting. Thus, the image appeared of the Argentine gaucho, it means that "one who knows the secret of cooking meat." They can be found today. The only means of transportation, real gauchos believe horses. Also stoitotmetit that almost all the gauchos are doing with their hands.

Unfortunately, in South America, almost no cultivated food of indigenous people. Indian cuisine was lost in time. In return the Indians received a variety of food and beverages of European conquistadors.

If you bothered to get to the guests on the grill, you will need to be prepared for the fact that the portions are very large. It should also be prepared to the fact that on lattices, in addition to meat and can easily find the rest of the animal guts or balls, (which are considered a delicacy for them) that some guests may spoil your appetite.