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Immigration in Montenegro

You want to have long to live in Europe and do not know which country you choose? We're glad to please you an excellent choice! Pass in Montenegro. Immigration in Montenegro, namely the registration form at the place of residence in Montenegro (in Montenegro residence permit) now is a very easy task and is much cheaper and easier to do than immigration in any other country in Europe. The residence permit (residence permit in Montenegro), in contrast to the opening of a visa for the right to enter - is not only the abstract right to your entry to this magnificent and picturesque European country, but also the right for a long stay in this country. This, if I may say so the status of temporary resident who is allowed to live and work in this beautiful country year round, but after a few years, which will fly by very quickly, to get permanent residence status and citizenship.

The status is "temporary resident", which you will - is an immigration status that is confirmed by certain necessary documents that will provide its owner a certain set of essential rights in that country, which will provide you with the residence. You and your family will be able to obtain a residence on the grounds that register a legal person in Montenegro.

If you look at the essence of it all, that is the program of immigration to this country in which you must take several important steps: register your company in Montenegro, to get your view on the place of residence, will receive a permanent residence, and then get citizenship. To date, it is appropriate to add that such a business immigration is almost the only possible way to get a residence permit in a European country. Of course, there is a case to go in order to learn, but agree that this is not for everyone. The fact that the programs for routine immigration in this country does not yet exist, and to get a visa to work is very difficult.

            It is pertinent to add that Montenegro only in 2005 acquired the status of an independent power, and immigration there are now different at ease. But hurry, because the fact that Montenegro is part of the European Union is a clear indication that the immigration laws will be severely tightened. An example is the Czech Republic, which, after the entry into this international structure virtually ceased to issue business visas and work visas.

            By registering your company in Montenegro, you will be entitled to receive the form for the residence. Permit granted for only one year, but there is a sequel to the documents which must be submitted no later than 30 days before the end of your visa. To obtain permanent residence while living in the country on the Rights of residence permit of 5 years. And then you can already apply for citizenship. Do not forget, you have to live on the Rights of the residence permit for five years!

            So, if you have decided that Montenegro is your choice, then you should take all the steps above. Do not forget that this is an extremely important step, and you have a good think about it, and to prepare for it, because it is one of the steps that are changing lives. Think about that, leave the house, and what will not be able to see about five years. And if "for" outweigh the "cons" - good luck!