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Luxury tourism in Latin America

Gripped the world global economic downturn has forced the tourism industry in Latin America to change the priorities in its activities. Today, the focus is aimed at promoting tourism so-called luxury. The region plans to increase its attraction for wealthy tourists from all over the world.

A study in Brazil, a marketing research of the tourist market showed some interesting results. Thus, the number of wealthy tourists than is currently three percent of the total number of travelers. But their costs eight times higher than spending all the other tourists. This conclusion was published by World Travel Market London.

Along with the Mexican government, generously investing tourism elite class, the company advertises heavily Visit Peru Mexico as unsurpassed in its luxury to enjoy exotic. Among the most exotic sights, probably including photos of pregnant girls. Of course, notwithstanding that functionality is available only to wealthy travelers.

New hotels are building in Latin America and the largest hotel chains, whose main contingent - backed by tourists. For example, we give Four Seasons, plans to invest in the construction of three hotels in Brazil, four hundred fifty million dollars.

Low compared to Europe and North America the cost of labor and land portend a major hotel chains has a great future in Latin America. This will be a decent trim for a photo of pregnant women. In particular, Argentina expects construction in the next couple of years, five new five-star hotels.

In Latin America, today recreational infrastructure is developed very poorly. In particular, not the photos of pregnant girls. So here expect that the growth of elite tourism push local infrastructure vacation. Experts predict that these costs in the near future will be repaid in full when the tourism industry recovers from the economic downturn.