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The summer capital of Russia

Летняя столица РоссииYou can easily guess that it will be about the city of Sochi.

You love being in the spotlight, events, and not a small thing in the quiet corners of the holiday, then you are in Sochi. Moreover, in anticipation of Olympics richness and vivacity of the city has increased significantly.

As with all Black Sea city of Sochi, the Krasnodar Territory is not deprived of the beauty of nature, the power of the mountains, warm weather and sea air. The local beaches are, of course, at the highest level, in other matters, like everything else in this city.

Problems with the choice and availability of hotels is not there, now in this city, they became even more - on the nose Olympics. Will be no problems with the kinds of entertainment. But if you are an active and rather lay resting on local beaches, lighted dance floors, and all tasted the local cuisine, as diversity in the most time traveling to towns of Sochi area.

First in line Dagomys. This site is especially for you soul, if you suffer debilitating heat. Because of the peculiarities of mountainous landscape airflows are formed in such a way that creates a cooler air temperature than in other coastal cities of Krasnodar region. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy the local scenery.

After a lovely village Dagomys Loo. He is often referred to as small Sochi. In this village there is a large recreational complex "AquaLoo." Be sure to visit the water park "AquaLoo." It's open and closed slides and pools. You have the entire eight slides in length from 50 to 100 meters. Five-chamber of the wave pool - is a unique structure that has no analogues in the Krasnodar Territory. It produces a simulation of ocean waves. And for those who want to enjoy and do not let the ocean waves, but still - "White Beach". It is considered environmentally friendly. The main thing is that everyone watched so as not to make him the "Black Beach" and then everything will be clean.

Behind the village is located Vardan Loo. The village is literally surrounded by boxwood forests. Thanks to them, the air is saturated and even therapeutic, as evidenced by the location of health centers. Take the opportunity and take a walk in the evergreen forests.

Golovinka - this is your visit to the next item. Sights of this settlement are: Golovinskoye tulip tree, Golovin Dolmens, 33 waterfalls, tea plantations.

Wonderful village Lazarevskoe. Go to your excursions Mamedov Valley, Crab gorge Samsheetovoy Gorge, the Church of St. Nicholas, two water parks, the Ethnographic Museum Lazarevsky area and walk through the neighborhood. It's always interesting to see the features of a place.

Your destination - Ashe. It is worth visiting rock Starikov, where according to legend, threw the local elderly people who were a burden to the family. Cave of the Witches. Today the cave is not passable without diving equipment, because it is filled with water and regular walking tours are not possible.

Here is a fascinating trip guarantees you a bouquet of new impressions and boring holiday.