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Strange custom skull to deform

In some cultures in South America there is a rather strange custom associated with the deformation of the human skull. Researchers have found this custom in the South American cultures as the Nasca Laurikocha, Chavin and Paracas. This custom is very ancient and widespread throughout the planet, not only in South America.

As a rule, in order to obtain a deformed skull, special devices, compressing his head. In addition to the strain, the person got constant headaches, and even, as some scientists believe, some mental shifts. For what it's all done - so far not been elucidated. Moreover, such a deformation was practiced until recently. And yet in some South American deaf village you can find a very old man with a remarkably elongated skull.

Deformation itself was usually aimed at changing the temporo-occipital skull. True, the archaeologists have met such instances, even when the deformation of the nose touches. But the basic direction of this activity was still directed to draw a skull. To do this in South America used a variety of devices, from tight bandages to sophisticated special timber.

It's all over, deformed skull in South America today is much rarer than, for example, 6-series BMW. And to explain the purpose for which men resign themselves to such torture, so far completely failed. Scientists refer to some ancient rites to be carried out necessarily, but it requires people to such defects.

And there is another very interesting fact connected with the head, is widely distributed in South America. On this continent are still finding people who lived before Christ, and on their heads, which deals in craniotomy. Moreover, successful operations. Scientists believe that this is also somehow connected with religious rites.