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When in the sixteenth century, Columbus reached the coast of South America, in what is now Guyana's population of two Native American groups. The Spaniards wanted to be a way to El Dorado, which is not drawn to the area completely ignored, so they started to colonization by the Dutch, who founded here in 1616 the first settlement of Europeans. By the early eighteenth century, there has flourished trading posts of the West India Company, which were concentrated in the mouth of the river Essekebo. And thanks to the importation of African labor, which had already flourished on the coast was developed powerful sugar industry.

At the same time to the west of the Suriname River is a rapid development of the British colonies, which were to join the opposition and peaceful colonial Dutch. The conflict between the two sides has progressed rapidly, leading to numerous confrontations, because of what the region is often passed from hand to hand. By 1796, Guyana finally became British property, and in 1815 she was named - British Guiana.

At the moment, the main trump cards are its natural Guyana attractions. In the state at the moment there are a lot of rainforest that have retained their original appearance, an extensive system of rivers with the purest water, wetlands, and extensive areas of relict savannah sites. If the Government of Guyana does not kill all this natural splendor, trying to pay the incredibly enormous public debt, this place can become a kind of mecca for lovers of ecotourism in the future. In the children's online store you can buy toys in the shape of animals living in this wonderful country.