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Colombians - people Eldorado

Colombia resembles a real ethnic mosaic. Culture, philosophy and way of life of local people - all this reflected the views of people living in Colombia. In this country there was a mixture of ancient Indian traditions, Spanish and even some African traditions. This led to the formation of the unique ethnic groups, communities of people, whom we call the Colombians.

"Chechakos" - residents of the capital of Colombia and adjacent areas, as noted by differ standing cold and unsociable people, they do not have the arrogance to occupy, usually obsessed with work and politics. Residents of north-eastern territories - "Lyaneros" - seem harsh, spiritually deep people. Basically, they are very hardworking and closed, are only talking about the price of cattle so the weather. Residents of the southern departments of the bullfight and love chatter. One must say that the majority of all of this speculation, which are quickly dispelled as soon as you meet with local people in the hotels of Almaty.

Endless conflicts left their mark on the relations between people. It made a lot of talk about the intricacies of politics, the various clans of the drug or fighting. Every self-respecting adult Colombian necessarily carries a firearm. The ability to "burn" and the use of arms is valued at the same level as social status.

It is because of constant conflicts traveler may encounter a cold attitude to yourself. This is not taken to invite foreigners to their homes for tea, will not once again to talk to you on the street. But that does not mean that Colombians are bad, it's only a necessary measure of security. In Colombia, frankly do not like Americans, but respect the Cuban and Russian. But in order to enter into the category of "Russian", you will need to prove their identity. On the word you would not believe.

Colombians are also connoisseurs of art. Almost in every village you can find some exhibition, which will be collected reproductions of famous paintings, and will cover not only the world masterpieces, but on the work of ancient Indian masters or modern. Therefore, to visit Colombia is a country Eldorado is open for you!