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Latin American wedding

Many nationalities on the planet and each of them has its own traditions and rituals. Wedding traditions are diverse and have a national character. However, some wedding customs of some nations are intertwined with the rituals of other nationalities. For example, a heap of young grains of rice, wheat, rose petals or coins.

Traditionally, many people also make the house of the bride in his arms. This custom, like a veil, provide security operation to protect the bride from evil spirits.

At the wedding traditions of the peoples of Latin America was greatly influenced by Spanish culture. In Argentina there is no wedding, bridesmaids and groomsmen the groom. Their role is played by the groom's mother and father of the bride. Young at a wedding not wearing rings with each other - this ritual is committed to engagement. In general, all Latin American nations attach great importance to this engagement. The wedding was playing when young enough money accumulated in this event, as all the wedding expenses entirely borne by married couples. As a rule, Argentine wedding celebrated all night, and in the morning celebrations continue, but without the alcohol.

Brazilian wedding is similar to the Argentine. On the Brazilian wedding traditions groom must tame the recalcitrant donkey, thus proving its importance as a responsible husband. After the ceremony the groom can take to wife the daughter of the owner of the donkey.

In Brazil, the groom should not see the bride in a wedding dress to the celebration, since this is considered a bad omen. In contrast to the Russian tradition - before taking property in Pskov, it should look.