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A fascinating journey into a ghost town

Machu Picchu - the city that is not found on the world map, a journey which will be an unforgettable adventure. By visiting it, you can see firsthand the lost Inca city and touch the history of the lost civilization of the Indians. The train, moving like a pendulum takes all comers at the top of the mountain slopes are dotted with dwellings of the Indians. Color adds the train itself, which is frightening the local fauna, makes sounds heartbreaking.

Passing through the hard ridge mountains, the train continues to move along the river. Throughout its existence, the railroad in this area is almost unchanged. Although one innovation is still there. Now the car that carry tourists have seat next armed guard, consisting of soldiers. This is done in order to prevent terrorist acts.

The city is conveniently located between two mountains. Abyss on both sides effectively protect Machu Picchu. When that famous Bingham had to climb here, not only overcoming the steep slopes, but the dense thickets of thorny shrubs. Now visitors to the top of the train carries. In addition to the railway, to reach Machu Picchu can be on the bus. The dirt road is not less dangerous than steel. Its main attributes are immutable-Indians boys, acting in the role of tour guides and the role of local beggars.

But who lived here? This question arises from the tourists, who see with their own eyes the splendor of the city. According to some scholars who lived here some "virgins of the sun." This conclusion was based on the skeletons found there many young women. Consequently, the city can be considered as the likeness of the monastery. However, further excavations have refuted this hypothesis and confirmed that the city was still something more than a monastery.