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A few interesting facts about South America

South America - a continent which is located in the western hemisphere of our planet. The area of ​​the continent is eighteen million square kilometers. And this continent has some characteristics peculiar only to this part of the world. So, for example, almost all of South America is located in the tropics, and only Cape Horn is located about a thousand kilometers from the Antarctic. Very interesting history of the name of the indigenous South American people. After all, today we did not hesitate to call them Indians, and went from the name, do not even remember. In fact, when in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered South America, he thought that he was in India, and therefore called the locals Indians, when in fact they would be correct to call the Americans.

In South America, runs four major rivers - the Parana-Paraguay, Magdalena, Amazon iOrinoko. There are in this country, and some incidents. For example, the city of Quito - Ecuador's capital city - is located just twenty five kilometers from the equator. But the city itself there is not tropical heat. And this is due to the fact that Quito is located at an altitude of three thousand meters above sea level. However, the climate is quite mild in the city.

On this continent is the most mountainous capital of the world - La Paz - the capital of Bolivia. This town is situated at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level. Of course, this city - beautiful and exotic. It is decorated just like joomla templates, decorate various sites.

One of the wonders of nature are the Amazon jungle, which covers approximately seven million square kilometers. In this area you can place two of India, for example.

To date, South America - the youngest continent. This is due to the fact that the mainland population of approximately two hundred million people. And about a third of all South Americans - are teenagers, and children up to fifteen years.