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Assimilation of Portuguese and Indian traditions

Ассимиляция традиций португальцев и индейцевThe national culture of Brazil is a fusion of three major infusions. It's Portuguese, Indian and African elements. Great influence on the development of religion, language, architecture, music, literature and customs of the Portuguese conquerors had. Neither age of the assimilation of indigenous elements and extraneous factors. Eventually this led to the formation of a new, unique and authentic Brazilian culture.

Today the culture of Brazil and not stand still: it continues to evolve rapidly. In its development, it is split into two vectors. The first of these is the preservation of intact most of the historical traditions and customs. Another vector is largely similar to the PAMM investment: it runs on exaggeration and multiplication of local traditions, turning them into a national treasure.

Work skills, language, religion and customs of the Portuguese conquerors differed radically from the American Indian. They were brought into the open lands of South America, the European culture of plants, new kinds of pets. However, many Indians are also interested in the tradition of the Portuguese. Last took over from them how to build rural homes, and studied folk beliefs, legends, and trained local dance, local grain crops were planted. Today, Brazilians are not alien to the peculiarities of agriculture, open the Indians. Centuries of experience helps in the cultivation of many kinds of fruit trees in the treatment of drug charges.

The Brazilians also love many of the culinary specialties of Indians. The main sophistication in the art serves a dish called "Moku", which is made from fish and maize, watered with a special sauce of Yuki.

Thus most of the locals can no longer remember where they originate, or other traditions. For Brazilians, it's just part of their spiritual culture.