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Cuisine of French Guiana

Just want to say that a national cuisine French Guiana combines a variety of culinary traditions of the peoples of the world: the Caribbean, and French, and Portuguese, and Spanish ...
The most popular and desired product Guiana cuisine is rice. This could assist the culinary traditions that came from South-East Asia. Local residents of China and Laos with rice is not the first century are making immense contribution to the local cuisine, this herb is also widely used in the local economy. This product can be brought to the table an entirely different versions: it can be a proper figure with the addition of various spices to it, such as curry, yet this dish can be served as a side dish or as a basis for a wide variety of sweets and pastries.
All kinds of seafood and flowing rivers can often be put on the table along with the rice. By local standards, this meat, like beef, it's very valuable, so the beef is often replaced by all kinds of seafood.
A traditional dish of the country is considered to be the so-called stock "D'avara." It can be cooked shrimp, crabs, various vegetables and fruits "accident" or "auora" poultry and smoked fish.
In French Guiana the huge popularity because of the known number of reasons used by products such as wild game, pork, poultry, most of the variations shows a bird, peccary, tapir. It is these products are the foundation of the most luxurious and delicious dishes of traditional cuisine. All these ingredients can also be used as the manufacturing of various types of snacks stew. Often the stew is chopped pieces of meat, sauce poured on top. Traditionally, the meat is served in a fried or stewed.
Charcoal is often the most simple dishes are prepared, but other methods may be prepared gourmet meals, consisting of several ingredients, for example, from the root vegetables, seafood and different types of vegetables: beans, papaya, potato, cassava, taro, rambutan and bananas from the , coconuts, pineapples, mangoes. All of these products can be combined with each other in various ways.
For the South Asian traditional dish is a dish called "Roti". This dish is made from vegetables and meat, and then wrapped in a pancake and abundantly seasoned with spices curry. As for the inhabitants of French Guiana, then this dish they are considered the most that is most common.
Of course, deserve special attention of the local preparation of fruit drinks. Often served on the table, fresh sugar cane juice, tangerine, guava, Hanun, passion fruit. On the excellent quality of juices the whole world knows! French Guiana is not popular at the usual strong coffee and herbal tea mate. National drink is rum in the country. However, in its pure form, few of his drinks. But as the classic "ti-punch" made from sugar cane, lemon and rum, it is used in large volumes.