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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Victoria Regia - the national flower

Attractions of Argentina

Достопримечательности Аргентины

Argentina's calling card is the capital of Buenos Aires. While in Buenos Aires, be sure to visit the area of ​​Plaza de Mayo and the nearby Santa Fe Avenue. The area is considered the center of social life and shopping avenue. Library of Congress, National Library and major university Argentina University of Buenos Aires, can be considered intellectual centers, and the Conservatory and the Teatro Colon - centers of culture. Prospect July 9 hit its width is the widest avenue in the world. You can walk and the museums. Museum of Colonial Art, known for its silver exhibits, the Museum of Fine Arts with a national collection of paintings and sculptures, the National Museum of Decorative Arts from the collection of furniture impress any visitor.

Nominated from Buenos Aires to the north, you can see another landmark Argentina widest river in the world, formed by the confluence of the Parana and Uruguay, although most often it is a natural formation called the Bay of La Plata. Climbing up the Parana, you can achieve a tributary of the River Iguaçu it, which is known for its 275 waterfalls. Достопримечательности АргентиныObserve them with the best in Brazil, but Argentina is proud of this landmark, the apotheosis of which is, gulp devil. Moving west, the province of Cordoba, you can see the well-preserved architectural ensembles of the era of colonization. In the central city of the province is best known in Argentina, a historical museum.

The southernmost province of Argentina known national park of Tierra del Fuego, attracting eco-tourism around the world. The nature of the park virtually untouched by civilization. For tourists there is a rocky area on the seafront and narrow-gauge railway. The rest of the territory of a virgin and is dangerous.