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Pros and cons of purchasing property in Guyana

Currently, the state of Guyana is little known. But meanwhile the nature of his generously endowed his wealth, anyone can fall in love with an emerald-green forests, covering almost 90% of its territory. The climate is subequatorial in Guyana, there is a very hot weather, but the heat does not rise above 35 degrees. Ecological system of the country intact, there still are places where no tourist has gone before in Europe.

In Guyana, there are three main attractions: the Cathedral of St. George, gold mines and a playground for the cricket. But the main attraction of the state, which attracts investors, is a picturesque nature, ecological purity of the country, relatively inexpensive housing and the fact that there, all documentation is in English, even the X-ray light, moreover, practically the entire population speaks it. Cost of living in the country is very low. Among the negative aspects of life in Guyana stands strong growth in unemployment, which leads to an increase in crime. But the leadership of the state intends to turn the country into an offshore financial zone, then Guyana would be swimming in money, like Cyprus. So, that purchasing property in Guyana today you can get great dividends in the near future. It is best to buy real estate in major cities, special attention should be paid the state capital of Georgetown, which in future will be very attractive to foreigners.

Residential real estate in stranepredstavlyaet a 2 or 3 storey wooden houses, and the condition of most of them are terrible. So before you purchase a house in Guyana, it is necessary to ask him technical condition, and the best option would be the acquisition of primary residence, which correspond to the level of quality in developed countries.