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The journey continues. River Pomerun.


Wait a long time and had just 10 minutes we drove through the Sunday market to the pier and Wigs crossing. Parikh itself is not remarkable. Is that it should be noted that from here go on the boat Bartik (up Essekeybo in center of Guyana, the region 7), Long Island and Leguan Vakenaam, as well as Supenaam or as it is called by another Good Hope, where I had to go and to there transfer to the car to Charity. In Charity has two permanent market and the Sunday indoor, endless rows of fruit, vegetables, clothing, household goods, which have to wander to, so to not squander time I missed visiting the market.

Boats depart at Supenaam on the left side of Stelling, boat Bartik from the right, but depending on the tides / tides place of origin may vary. Bartik before, and Islands Supenama go and freight ferries, but the time it takes much more than a boat trip from 3 to 6 hours, while on the boat until 1:00 Bartik, Supenaama to 45-50 minutes. Long wait for the boat did not have. After 15-20 minutes after coming on Stelling, I sat down in a vest, holding a veil, which is issued specifically for the protection from waves and spray. Way to lay Supenaama through the islands, surrounded by mangroves.
In the mouth Essekeybo has about 365 islands, some of them the size of the Caribbean islands, Barbados or Tobago. Water in Essekeybo dull brown, as in Guyana Atlantic coast, also characterized by large waves as the boat winds in curves between the islands and the strong shaking, especially of short duration at the entrance to Supenaamu. It should be noted that in a very picturesque pier Supename leaning trees need water, like willow vines gracefully twisting and sinking into the water. In Supename, together with their neighbors on the boat we took a taxi to the Charity (1000 person), bought chips from the cassava and bananas, dried, and hit the road.
From Charity to Supenaama approximately 1.5 hours drive away, the road runs close enough to the coast and ends at the Charity, on the river Pomerun which comes into force and the movement of water communication along the river and nearby rivers is by water taxi painted in red, yellow, blue and green boats. The west coast is indented with small rivers of Guyana, and therefore developed an irrigation system. For a narrow strip of houses along the road lined up starting the yellow fields of rice paddy paddy, on which work kombainy, scurrying back and forth loaded with the harvest machines throughout the band of Charity Supenaama to fall asleep half way paddy seeds to dry them properly, and then collect tractor.Гайана
Very vaguely in the spirit of this coastal Guyana Krasnodar Russia reminds her manifest the same calmness, serenity and hospitality. Arriving at the Charity, I moved to the boat because the road ended. I must say that I originally planned to spend the night in a hotel in Charity (two of them here, and both are about ten meters from each other), but then there was a spontaneous idea to stop at one of the lodges or Resort, which, although weak, but still presented in this part of Guyana.

Therefore, in consultation with the guide Bradta, on Saturday evening I called the Adels Eco Resort, located on the river in the Bay Pomerun Akavini, 6 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, has booked accommodation for one night and asked to be a Charity at the dock I was met by boat and the next day they brought back. Therefore, arriving at Charity on Sunday, and paid off the taxi, I immediately went to Akavini. Home on the shores of Pomeruna very neat, with promenades, street lamps, often rammed ashore filled coconut shell and peel the fruit of the tree krabvud. A lot of boats and a lively movement.
Half an hour later we turned off the river into the bay Pomerun Akavini and landed on the Stelling Adels Eco Resort. All transfers were completed on Sunday. Managing hotels, Lyndon Clarke, met me at the pier and held at the main hotel building. Adels Eco Resort consists of three buildings open a restaurant / dining room, open living room / our reception / kitchen with a spacious veranda and walls and an open passage to the housing numbers. The hotel has only 4 rooms with basic amenities bed, mosquito net, shower / bath / toilet. The residential building has a second floor, but he is still under repair. Electricity from solar cells, used for cooking on gas, active use of rainwater. On the veranda of an apartment housing a small library, games and books for children, hammocks. Cellular communication is not working, but there is a regular telephone line. No Internet. TV, too. Take very kindly by the family, the food is simple but tasty (accommodation is booked on a full pension).Гайана
The houses start a farm, which grows fruits and vegetables, which cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example, I was treated to jam, cooked cherries from Guyana, which grows on the farm. Between the houses and marina a garden with various kinds of flowers. In general, very soothing and uspakaivayuschaya situation. A great place to relax and not think about nothing. What I did, sprawled in a hammock on the porch after dinner with a cup of ginger tea and a book on the history of Guyana. Sunday evening, slowly approaching, so start actively rest was hopeless, and would probably not work as much water in Akavini arrived and my big dream to swim the river in a canoe lay on the bottom. So relax and sip had read about Guyana, sipping tea. Where else can you go in the western part of the country?