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Strange customs of the British

Странные обычаи англичанOne of the strange and sad traditions of English is disrespectful to the elderly . They simply say "superfluous " and relatives , in order not to overload yourself extra work , give them a special nursing home .

The English family is usually from two to four children. Unfortunately, here and parents are trying to shift some education on someone else , children are assigned to different sections , mugs and Interest , and houses are the lowest of the day. On Christmas rebyatnya receives gifts from moms, dads , grandparents , aunts and all possible relatives and friends of the family, but the rest of the children do not indulge almost all.

On Sunday, the streets are empty of England . Many theaters , shops and restaurants are closed during this period . This is due to the fact that the end of the week there is a tradition to leave to nature, spending time with family . Weekend allows to gain strength before the next workweek .

Many British porridge for breakfast , while it should be cooked only on the water , and this dish did not add spices or salt. After lunch, the menu includes every Englishman 's cup of tea .

Higher layers Englishmen often hold private free time playing golf . It is believed that in this country the greatest green lawns . No less attractive for hunting aristocrats . A truly spectacular dogs barking , the riders - it is a long tradition .

Странные обычаи англичан

All law enforcement officers dressed in England strict but beautiful shape , it has not changed since ancient times. Any Englishman quite interesting to see how it thinks about a foreigner living in another country or a regular traveler . Local people do not show feelings in public ever , and the streets whisper conversation underway .

Rarely any local resident will be brag , talk about family or spouse - in England do not discuss everything about his personal life. If a tourist is visiting English family by no means something he should not leave his card there , it's not polite.

British strange customs here at lunch all the English usually try to change that afternoon they were seen in other clothes . Stands daily wear something new. Of course, this is not necessarily democratic outfits , enough to change shirts or jeans , but in the same clothes the British do not go. This applies to all members of the family , even the youngest .

British distance measured by miles , not kilometers usual .