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Достопримечательности Французской ГвианыIt has long been the territory of French Guiana was used as a reference to the perpetrators. For this reason, it is unlikely it can boast a significant number of cultural and historical attractions.

Well, in spite of this, French Guiana will always attract to itself the mass of curious tourists, thanks to its amazing natural world, the set of distinct peoples, as well as the rapidly developing space technologies ...


Достопримечательности Французской ГвианыThis city is not only the largest city in the country, but also its main port. Cayenne is a well-developed political and transportation center, and he is considered the most colorful and expressive city in the country.

                The most ancient part of the city is the Place de Grenoble, located in the western part of the Cayenne. On all sides the area is surrounded by public buildings: City Hall, post office, the prefecture, and the channel Lyusso magnificent botanical gardens. Closer to the city center there are various museums, such as the Museum of Cultural Guiana, Departmental-Fransoni and Felix Ebo.

                The main market is the market town, located on the Place Victor-Sholsher. No less successful is the place to shop and Village, Chino. It sells the most diverse Asian foods and local spices, often arranged fish auction.

                Cayenne called the best beach beach, located on the Remy-Montjoly. In this area you can also estimate the attractions of the country: the old colonial sugar mill, and the famous turtle beach and the ruins of Fort Diamant.


Kau District has taken its location on the south-east of Cayenne. This is where you can admire all the charms of the exotic nature of the country. This area has a significant number of diverse forest trails and tracks. Cow can be found in the many unique species of birds, who can sing beautifully extraordinary. The abundance of fish in these parts can be so much interest that can be quite unexpectedly to meet with caimans - local hosts.

 The most visited tourist destination of the country is Kuru. Thanks to the diligence of the European Space Agency, Kourou could become one of the world's most important launch sites. Guiana Space Centre is spread in the western side of the Kurus and the band is about 20 by 60 kilometers. Separates it from the equator is only 500 km. Due to the annual launch missiles (up to ten times per year), the Baikonur is able to provide about 15 percent of all economic activity in French Guiana. In the Kourou Space Museum is where you can learn the history of the formation of the cosmodrome.


Достопримечательности Французской Гвианы

Trznsportation camp
On the way to Kuru of Saint Laurent's possible to visit the transit camp, where criminals were deported from France to the 1830's. The prisoners lived in barracks, most of these, and every day out here to work in the city, or on plantations, including in private homes for a nominal fee. Given that slavery was abolished in 1837, French Guiana was the first place on earth where white acted as servants in the homes of black gviantsev.


The smallest and most northerly of the three islands of Ile-du-Salut is a Devil's Island. To date, the main attraction of this island are the ruins of the prison buildings. However, this is not the only temptation island. This unique wildlife, rich in various kinds of trees, as well as a large population of agoutis, parrots, macaws, and sea turtles.