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City Wonderland - a Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is considered the heart, which is among the mountain slopes, and many kilometers of beaches that fringe the most beautiful bay in the world. The capital of the beauty and tourist center of South America - is the Brazilian city of wonders. Because of the "Gold Rush", which started in one thousand six hundred and ninety-eighth year, the capital was moved, and thirty years later moved production of diamonds. Jewelry exported through the port in Europe. City of Rio de Janeiro is the main gate of the country, because in them were hundreds of thousands of immigrants from all over the earth. At the end of the twentieth century, the city of Brazil became the largest city in South America, it currently has fifteen million inhabitants.

This beautiful city is the most famous and popular monument - a statue of Jesus Christ. Many people come to look at this beautiful statue, and many people think about how to infertility treatment in Israel.

In nineteen twenty-first year, the centenary of the Brazilian national independence inspired the fathers of Rio de Janeiro. At this time the city was still the capital of Brazil, where the monument of Christ the Redeemer established. The company "The Cruzeiro" for erecting a monument to collect money. As a result, the company managed to raise 2.2 million flights. Cash collected is also the church: the creation of the monument took a large part by Archbishop Don Sebastian Leme. The statue was built for nine years (1922-1931 gg.).

When viewed from the top of Corcovado mountain, which reaches a height of 700 meters, you will see a stunning view: a large statue of Christ the Redeemer, luxury hotels, sandy beaches of Copacabana, the stadium "Maracana" skyscrapers.