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Travel - centuries-old history

Already 200 thousand years BC, have been popular trip. But not like now, but rather useful, for the purchase or sale of goods. Then between the Sumerian civilization and the Indus Valley was trading port Lathal. There and sent those travelers. Although their paths were mostly shopping, these roads are paved the way for those who wandered in places of ancient empires.
In 600 BC, and later were known to travel in Egypt and Babylon. Babylon was a popular museum of ancient values, as in Egypt gathered for religious holidays. People, as now, wanted to see a miracle, look at people and be seen. Curious, and simply devout, flocked to interesting places, places of pilgrimage, and simply beautiful buildings. As for India, and there, mostly riding to strengthen the empire, and the kings and their subjects. Since the normal working people who could hardly afford to travel. Brahmins and ordinary believers moved for religious purposes, for holidays and celebrations. Some just visited the holy places, that thou mayest behold the face of the Enlightened Buddha.
For a developing time of Greek civilization, travel was popular. People come to places of healing gods. And soon, in times of prosperity Olympics, tourists often visited Greece. You could see the Parthenon. In large cities have been built even a place to rest, where the main entertainment was a courtesan. Then the demand for men was high. Just then appeared the first guidebooks. Herodotus, moving from place to place, describing all of their travel.
In the Roman Empire, when the pirates could not be afraid, travel has increased dramatically. Were popular roadside hotel. The Romans visited Egypt, Sicily, Troy. They used their own guides, showing the road to the hotels, and their status.
In the suburbs of Rome were built villas and fashionable resorts. Everyone could choose a vacation to his liking. Then tourism reached unprecedented heights.
In the Middle Ages travel decreased slightly, but not because I do not like or did not have opportunities, but because it is life threatening. But still had to whether, from a sense of duty or because of trade necessities. Basically, if you dare to travel, for the sake of fame and fortune, wanted to open a new country and the way it was spread out piracy. It did not stop the Saints, or missionaries. They went to spread the scripture. The Mongols were traveling for recreation, built in the most beautiful places of palaces and gardens.
By the early seventeenth century, traveled not only for the festivities and celebrations, but for the sake of education. Young and wealthy people went, accompanied by tutors. They were looking in the big cities, not only learning, but also fun.
By the eighteenth century, travel becoming widespread. Traveling for pleasure, for the sake of education. Because of the long wars, travel lose its popularity in almost thirty years.