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Sichuan tourist paradise

Sichuan Province which is the administrative center of Chengdu, Sichuan is located in the lowlands, which has a mild climate and plenty of cultural and historical monuments. Particularly tourist destinations the province are the monuments of world heritage - and an ancient city Tsinchenshan Dutszyanyan hydraulic structure. Sichuan is also famous for its craftsmen, which make up traditional crafts, which are always very popular with tourists.

Here is a description of interesting places to visit in Sichuan Province.

Mountain range Tsinchenshan wonderful part of nature are evergreen trees and shrubs that cover the mountain Tsinchenshan. Silence of shady woods and thickets of the mountains creates an atmosphere of peace and unity with wild nature. Mountains are located 63 km away from Chengdu.

Dam Dutszyanyan One of man-made wonders of the World Heritage listed by UNESCO is an ancient dam built 206 BC, construction of which started the Head Provincial Lee Bean and extended by his son, who lived during the reign Chzhaovane (Qin Dynasty). The irrigated area is 799 200 ha dam.

The Settlement Jinsha Ruins of ancient city existed about 3,000 years ago, is a cultural monument of the kingdom of Chu. The results of archaeological excavations of the ancient city of great historical value. It was recovered a significant amount of gold and jade jewelry and exquisite fine work, and household items made of ceramics and ivory.

The ancient village settlement Huanlunsi interesting for its old streets and monastery. Wonderful landscape and spirit of the old still living in this village attracts employees to create a cinema movie, the plot of which is associated with antique furnishings.