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The descendants of the conquistadors meat lovers

In Argentina in the XV-XVI centuries began to arrive a large number of adventurers and lovers of gain. And, of course, that the conquistadors came to South America with their hiking kitchens. These boilers are all kinds of scents filled the air, they are mostly cooked olyu - is a cross between stew and soup. This simple and hearty soldier fell in love with food, even hereditary Infanta, who were in the Spanish court. They prefer to eat olyu more than any fancy dishes.

After some time, this dish was transferred to Indian cuisine, and later - in Argentina. Olhão - a national symbol, and almost a main course of most South American nations. In different countries it is now called variously kosida, puchero, Kalda, fabaga, Pathe, and feyzhoada kaserola. In any case, the recipe remains the same, the ingredients are food are, in addition to meat, antikuchos, pikantes and spices. They just miraculously awaken the appetite and promote digestion completely.

Olhão is preparing, or puchero, not so difficult, despite the fact that it includes more than twenty ingredients. This dish must contain: beef brisket, chicken, mutton, bacon, garlic sausage, beans, peas, tomatoes, onions, peppers, potatoes, oregano, as well as some cookbooks recommend adding "gentle ear of corn." This set is divided into two parts: the meat and vegetables, each is filled with water. Slightly boil, all mixed in one bowl and stew until tender. Always a puchero served hot sauce.

Some have tried to view the cooking technique, this video recorder installed in the kitchen digivi, because the Argentines do not welcome strangers in the kitchen. And as it turned out, it's really not that hard to qualify. Therefore, any industrious housewife in a position to host a dinner in the kitchen Argentine.