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Tour of Italy-France

Holidays in the majority of Russian citizens is, unfortunately, only once a year. During this time, and want to relax and sunbathe on the beach and see the world. How did manage to make all our plans, because a vacation runs as fast as I want to get experience as much as possible? Many travel companies now offer tours obzedinyayuschie a lot of quality, these are, for example, a tour of France or Italy-Milan-Venice tours. Some people think that such a trip "Crossing Europe" leaves quite a superficial impression of each visit to the city, but do not jump to such conclusions. Do not forget that the program of tours made by experienced professionals. This means that the number of impressions they meted out to the ideal dose - they are intense, but at the same time allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of each city and country. Tour of Italy-France is designed for true romantics. A lot of people from childhood hopelessly in love with these two beautiful European country. The fact that they are next door to each other, can visit them in one trip. Moving from city to city is usually carried out on the bus, but the possible crossings, because the message is developed in Europe extremely well, the trains go private and very quickly take you from one city to another one.
For example, the Milan-Venice tours sometimes involve moving train, and it takes only a few hours. From the train window you'll see a lot of wonderful places! The train passes the Milan-Venice, one of the oldest rail routes in Italy, passes such famous cities such as Verona, Vicenza and many others. Tours in Venice-Milan ulterior motive pollzuyutsya wildly popular among Russian tourists. Milan is known to all as the recognized capital of world fashion, the city where everyone drives to shopping. But Venice does not need a separate view. This is one of the most prerkasnyh, charming, mysterious, inspiring cities in the world, looking at that at least once, you have finally fall under its charm. Tours Milan-Venice, so have everything that you could want, starting on a journey - from this tour, you get energy back, stylishly dressed, and at the same time, romantically-minded and inspirational. Do not hesitate a moment, and already this summer, go to one of the tours offered by many travel companies today.