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Pearl of South America, Barbados

One of the most mysterious of continents is, of course, South America, famous worldwide for its Latin American dances, carnivals, and unique historic structures. To date, there is not one travel agency in which there were no rounds in the country of this wonderful continent. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia - that's only the biggest and most well-known South American countries, but because they list the mysterious intriguing places for recreation does not stop.

The most inviting and sunny Latin American continent and the Caribbean is a small island Barbados, which is three-quarters of coral and limestone. In fact, insanely beautiful island with lots of waterfalls and unique species of palm trees and rare species.

Exotic island with an area of ​​500 square kilometers is one of the most beautiful islands in Latin America. It has many botanical gardens, parks, and much of the territory occupied by tropical forests with amazing animals and birds. For entertainment on the beach should be made, of course, windsurfing and sailing. As for other sports, a lot of attention here given to golf, cricket and tennis.

As for pricing, it is more gentle compared to other resort islands of America. The price for a room ranges from 50 to 300 dollars depending on the number of stars and the quality of service. In addition, the island is well developed and maintenance services, which can be repaired or buy anything, even though the solenoid valve price does not exceed the average cost of the device in Europe. By the way, goes Barbadove local currency, which is the Barbados dollar, which refers to the U.S. as a 2 to 1.

Of the attractions of the island to provide a colorful Trafalgar Square, which is the parliamentary building and become famous Lord Nelson, as well as Harrison Cave and the Botanical Garden with its unique flora.

It should be noted and a religious, or rather the state synagogue and a stunning massive Cathedral of St. Michael's with beautiful rare cutters and valuable icons.

Of the historical treasures of Barbados should be allocated Gun Hill station in 1818 with its amazing sculpture installations, a mysterious tall lighthouse and the famous house-museum of President Washington, which has long rested with his brother George.