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Customs and traditions of Argentina

Let's start with the fact that Argentina - is the most Europeanized of South America. On the basis of their indigenous and newly arrived European culture it has shaped the traditions and customs, both similar and different from the cultures of neighboring countries.

In Argentina, probably not natives of the city of Kislovodsk (Russia), but a lot of immigrants from other countries, like Germany and the UK, and the Slavic countries. By the way, the dominant top Argentine culture - European, because the Indians are almost gone. Retained only a small reserve in the north and south of Argentina.

When you're at home, then watching its inhabitants, and select sistematiziruete influence on their culture of various ethnic groups, but if you watch from the sidelines, as it were, in general, without breaking the Argentine world on a matrix, then all their customs, traditions and way of life merge in one comprehensive definition of "Argentine". That is something elusive, they differ from other nationalities. Then there was the same situation as in the United States, a state consisting of several ethnic groups, crossing several stages of development of ethnic groups, has been the nation whose culture has a right to be perceived as a whole, not as a conglomeration of other of cultures.

Argentines - a proud and independent people who love their history and their own state, in spite of all the natural and socio-economic upheavals, and this in today's world, unfortunately, very rare.

Argentines, despite the influence of European values, managed to keep his true Indian "Latin" temperament, but the attitude towards others they do not trust, and civility - this is more a tradition than a true expression of feelings, some people also follow fashion trends. Most interesting is that it has developed into one of the traits of character and is not a game to the public.