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Peru. The mysterious Nazca Desert

Перу. Загадочная пустыня НаскаLima - the capital of Peru, founded over 500 years ago, Francisco Pizarro - Spanish conquistador (January 15, 1535). Five years later, Lima became the capital of the colonial government of Spain. The city had no fresh water, constant wind blew and the earth was barren. Amazon jungle took over half the territory of Peru, where the road - it is the river, and transportation - canoe or motor boat. Selva "preserve" the local tribes, the natives retained the primitive way of life.

Civilization is reaching out here with the arrival of missionerov.Na in Peru is the most mysterious Nazca Desert, which is attracting many researchers. Nazca lines comprise drawings of animals, birds and geometric figures up to 300 meters. They are inscribed on the dry surface of the desert, on the assumptions of scientists in the period between 500 BC year and 500 BC ago and have been preserved due to the complete lack of rain. Constant winds without damage clean topsoil. Candelabrum - another figure in Peru, but separated from the Nazca drawings over a hundred miles of desert and a few kilometers of the sea.

Every year thousands of tourists visit the unique lines in the desert Naska.Nahodyas here, it is impossible to imagine that there are "quarantine infections" or measles, once in a few days cut off the entire Indian plemena.Ne looking at research that continues for many years no consensus by whom and for what purpose were these giant figures and not pleasant.

According to astrologers, accurate line drawings are of direct relevance to the science of the stars. They were plotted by the Incas in accordance with their understanding of the structure of the sky, the stars and planets. And the images of birds and animals is an ancient understanding of the world around them.