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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Victoria Regia - the national flower


Urbino - a city of the Duke

In Urbino the birthplace of the painter Raphael, but the name of the city was the first to glorify one of its rulers – the Duke of Federigo da Montefeltro. When he was a military commander, he was often hired by the rulers of the Italian city-States. And although his account is no special feats of war, he earned enough money in the service of the Pope and of the Sforza family from Milan to turn a modest Urbino to the brilliant capital of the Duchy. In his Ducal Palace was the many ornate rooms and popular in those times of optical illusions.

Padova - fresco eternity

Padua is just half an hour from Venice, but travelers who decide to turn off the busy tourist routes and to come here, it seems like they go into another world. It is founded in 1222 University of Padua, where he lectured Dante, Petrarch, and Galilley Copernicus. In many ways, this is why Padua called something in between Oxford and Venice. Galileo taught here for 18 years. With the telescope he constructed he considered the craters of the moon and the moons of Jupiter.

Unknown Italy - the Cinque Terre

Vernazza is one of five picturesque villages in the Cinque Terre, right on the coast of the Italian Riviera between Pisa and Genoa. Each of them is a bit like a Museum under the open sky (Cinque Terre are not just included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites), but only in Vernazza you can feel the unforgettable atmosphere of an old Italian town. Above the harbour stands the castle, near which is situated the small Church. Every Tuesday, early morning traders going to the market.

Doll World of Stresa

Travelers, tired from the busy Milan, just an hour by train to Stresa, a small town on the shores of lake Maggiore. In Stresa are not many attractions, but tourists come here not for this – here everyone can rent a small boat to get to one of the nearest Islands. Here in his time rested Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway. On the tops of the mountains that surround the lake, the snow does not melt from autumn to spring. The Islands themselves from the XVI to the XIX century belonged to a rich family of Borromeo.

The ancient town  Tivoli

A few kilometers from Rome, on the banks of the quaint little town located Ania Tivoli. City opens its arms and welcomes its all Visitor him to the light. No one will not leave indifferent friendly people, delicious cuisine in a cozy family restaurant, the beauty of the picturesque nature with healing springs and mystery of ancient architecture.

Романтическая Венеция

Instead of streets and avenues - channels, and instead of conventional public transport - boats and gondolas, unique old buildings, reinforced with special multilayer foundations - all this description of a unique city on the water - Venice.
Unique city, annually attracts thousands of tourists for its unusual, located on 118 islands of the Adriatic Sea. One hundred and fifty channels and channels shared by the islands from each other, and connect them across a huge number of bridges. Their entire Venice 400. A road bridge connects chetyrehkilometrovoy Venice to the mainland.


In England in the Cotswold area (Cotswold) near the town of Cirencester (Cirensester) is a wonderful village called Biburi (Bibury). Cotswold - a buffer zone, which is preserved in its original form.
Village Biburi seems some are not real, and even fabulous. As if time has stopped here another 400 years ago. A cozy little house, clean tidy streets, overgrown grassy hills, ancient churches - all of this classic English village, untouched by modern architecture. Compared with Biburi may, perhaps, the same lovely English village of Castle Combe (Castle Combe).

Англия - законсервированная страна

England - a country that is interesting not only for tourists, but also political scientists, economists, and many scientists. This country is a wealth of knowledge and a huge reservoir for the study at the same time. England - it has long been established the foundations of the political system and beliefs.

Культура Франции

In a culture and art in France as a special contribution made by the big cities and small-largest settlement. Financial and military power of France since the 17th century, grew steadily, and not only on a European scale, but also far beyond the continent.