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Rest in Gurzuf

Отдых в ГурзуфеIf you decide to go to rest in the Crimea, but do not know in what city or town stop, then add to your list of options for urban-type settlement Gurzuf. It is located on the Black Sea coast at 11 kilometers from the city of Yalta.

This is a lovely resort town acquired the statute in 1881, when railroad magnate PI Gubonin acquired the estate of the Duke de Richelieu. Since then, he boldly took the arrangement of Gurzuf. Hotels were built, landscaped promenade, restaurants there. As a result, the village had a noble view, great facilities and the impression of a foreign tourist resort of decent living.

Until now, Gurzuf happy tourists architecture of those times. In the village hovers the spirit of history.

Now available in Gurzuf not just historic homes and streets, and luxurious villas, modern villas, hotels and resorts. The city is not devoid of comfort. A small embankment about a kilometer long beautiful undeveloped. What is one cover that is made of white marble.

Those who do not just vacationing in the Crimea, they know that most of the beaches is made up of small pebbles. Its size does not cause discomfort and are great for families with children.

Rest in Gurzuf is not only a beautiful city and well equipped waterfront with nice beaches, but also a wonderful nature. Here is the famous camp Artek. It stretches along the Ayu-Dag mountains. Beaches are the Artek camp clean in Gurzuf. There's even a wild beaches.

One of the characters Gurzuf - Adalary rocks. They stand in the sea at a distance of about 250 meters from the shore. They are called "twin rocks". They make up about a variety of legends and songs mentioned in Artek.

In the area of ​​Gurzuf are several small lakes. They were created for irrigation of vineyards. Some lakes are located near the mountains, others in the fields of lavender, the other in the woods. In any case, you get a lot of experience. Many vacationers find the lake an ideal place for barbecue.

It is also worth mentioning this kind of leisure and entertainment as a part-time fishing. A total of 300 p. per hour at your disposal a motor boat and a sea of ​​fish.

Even a small town can bring great pleasure.