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Fancy Indian tribes of South America.

Indian tribes living in the forests of the Amazons lived there for thousands of years, they live independently from the outside world that we live with you the progress of civilization alien to them, the current members of certain tribes still preserve the memory of a terrible flood and the subsequent flood after winter, people not used to winter cold die, units managed to survive. Also of great colds told representatives of the tribe living in the Gran Chaco, which is located in what is now Argentina. According to them, the ice held very long, the frost was very strong, and the sun had disappeared.

In the ancient Japanese chronicles "Nihongi" is a reference to the fact that there was a period called "long darkness" and it was impossible to distinguish day from night. The Chinese sources also mention of this, and says that in the darkness halted the growth of all living things on earth. Above all, as the terrible night a mention in the book of Job. According to the stories of tribes living in South America, after a long night, the sun reappeared, but it was not such as always, it is dimmer than it tasted better then does its color changed from bright orange to dark shades of blue. After that abruptly began to increase the temperature of the planet, the glaciers were formed after a long night melted away very quickly the Indians sought refuge from the heat in the water. People of that time were very hardy in the physical plane, because their way of life nothing but the exercise, they were always in motion. Blagoda that were surviving representatives of tribes and pass the stories of the terrible night and the terrible heat of the future generations.

To date, scientists have just discovered that all that talk American Indian tribes of South America, it's true. Indian tribes, the only people on the planet who are not having a written language have kept the memory of those terrible times. Scientists say the Indians have witnessed the battle of the neutron star, "Typhon," the star solar system, "Sun", Typhon crosses the solar system at intervals 12 000 years, while on earth there are strong up to the cataclysmic global climate change the planet, and the Indian tribes of South America horror, waiting for things to come in the future.