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Traditional features of the celebration of Brazilian weddings

South America and attracts people from all over the world. It is interesting to everything: people, culture, traditions, the city attractions. You can not ignore the celebration of weddings, in every corner of our planet is the most auspicious day for two. Interesting nuances of this celebration is in Brazil.

None of the wedding in Brazil is not without loud music, magic songs, hot dances. There is a tradition that the bride must be late by at least 10 minutes and in no case do not appear before the groom. Another Brazilian custom of entertaining is that the wedding tables are not numbered, and write the names of various cities in Brazil. On the table in abundance cookies casadinhos, which is washed down with a most delicious drink Capirinha. Interestingly, instead of buttonholes for groomsmen on his lapel decorate small Brazilian flags. Groom must follow the rule when it will be bring his bride in his arms, cross the threshold should be the right foot.

In some parts of Brazil there is the following custom wedding: the groom must tame an unbridled donkey, which belongs to the father of the bride. This husband-to prove that he is the most serious intentions, and the marriage will be in charge. In almost all Latin American countries on the table, put the doll, which symbolizes abundance. It is interesting that at the wedding the couple did not exchange rings, these things takes place on a betrothal, which is why for Hispanics it is very important. Of course, every couple wants to make your wedding the most memorable moment in your life. In addition to following the traditions, it is important to realize all the desires of the intending spouses. Whether it's renting a motorcycle in Bali and then there honeymoon or romantic trip to Greece.