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The most interesting places in Argentina

Самые интересные места АргентиныIn one country can easily connect to all extremes and opposites. This is not a myth but a reality. You can verify this by visiting Argentina. Chic and shiny, iridescent colors and the incredible bustle of big cities in the center gets here with a quiet and measured life, which takes place in small villages. The difference is visible in natural landscapes. On the one hand there is a mad fever, from which no escape even in the gorges and broad valleys. But there are a number of real and glaciers, glittering in the sun.

Effect of opposites is kept even in the very inhabitants of the country. They can be very active, passionate, curious, and even obsessive. However, after dinner comes the calm in the soul, and life seemed to stop.

Argentina has something to brag about. Each city keeps its puzzles are interesting and where necessary should be visited.

Buenos Aires

More than 400 years of this glorious city of Argentina. Here you can find not only beautiful and stately old castles nobles, but also the modern skyscrapers that abut against the sky. Each district of Buenos Aires has its own value and an amazing character:
• The central part, where the area is called the Plaza de Mayo. The main attraction here is the palace of Cash Rosado, who belongs to the president.
• San Telmo - the colonial district. That is why it is characterized by narrow streets, where stuck lots of little houses. Among them you can find beautiful Spanish church.
• La Rekoletta area is considered a luxury. Here is concentrated beauty, fashion, luxurious all of Buenos Aires. Monica and ladies do not forget to look here on the street called Santa Fe for new clothes.

Numerous restaurants of the Argentine cities offer not only taste the national cuisine, but also enjoy the tango. This dance is so romantic, elegant and beautiful that the eye is simply not to tear.


The full name of this city - San Carlos de Bariloche. It is located right on the gorgeous Nahuel Huapi - lake, surrounded by towering mountains and forests grow. Beauty simply indescribable! On the merits Bariloche is one of the most unique cities in the world and the Argentine pearl.

Need to come here for recreation. Fans of alloys, mountain walks, fishing, rock climbing and riding it would be really a heavenly place. Nature Bariloche attracts an incredible beauty. Always worth walking up to the ridge of Cerro Catedral, and still admire the seven lakes that are hidden among the mountains.

Not far from the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi is a chic island of Victoria. You can reach it only by boat. Though he is not very big, but it hides the most beautiful natural resources of Argentina. Only the caves are worth. People seem to have lived here a long time. This is evidenced by the numerous rock paintings on the walls.


The seventh wonder of the world - is unique waterfalls that are located here, on the border of two countries: Brazil and Argentina. More than 250 cascades falling from a great height. These two-stage waterfalls mesmerize at first sight. You can admire them, even with a bird's-eye view.

There is a National Park and the Iguazu Falls. On it you can walk on foot, enjoying the birds singing. Thrill is sure to want to make a jeep safari. The only way to get to the stunning waterfall "Devil's Throat." Here, as nowhere else feel the insignificance of man and the real power of nature.